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Matt Rivers' Rating System

I'm a charter member of this site and for the first 18 years here I rated my plays on a 50,000♦ through 500,000♦ basis with obviously the 500K release being the maximum wagering limit on that particular game.

But when sports were shutdown because of Covid-19 I rethought that system and decided to switch to the common "dime" system that so many of the other guys here at the site used.

Why? Because it gives you a better understanding of how strong my play is compared to others on any given day.

So now the scale is 25 Dimes to 100 Dimes in 25-Dime increments (25, 50, 75 and 100). I like to keep it really simple so you know exactly how much I like a game.


You shouldn't need a calculator to wager.

Despite these changes, one thing will remain the same: When it's Balls to the Wall Time I'll still be releasing Blank Check releases, which are rare, but exceed even my normal highest-rated 100-dime plays because these are games I want you to really get down on because I'm in love with them.


Who is Matt Rivers?

Handicapping games for a living is fun and games. My friends and acquaintances have always marveled at my ability to make money for myself and my clients.


Sometimes, however, real life situations get in the way. Such was the case when I left the business on August 6, 2009.


First, a little background: I am one of the charter members of this site and came to be through my long friendship with CEO Steve Budin. But in August of 2009, I walked away from it all because of an illness in my immediate family. And when that illness resulted in an unexpected death a few months later, I didn't have the heart or resolve to immediately return to handicapping or betting games for a living.


Let me tell you, it was surreal not playing football in 2009, just watching games as a fan. But you can't take three months of a football season off and suddenly decide to start betting effectively again. This business is not like riding a bike; it takes preparation and research to get back into the saddle again like a champ.


Once I decided to return to work in 2011, there was no other choice because once you've worked here, you would never go anywhere else.